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FinCrime Protection Limited, headed by Tyrone Griffiths, central to the exposure and conclusion of the infamous YEN LIBOR scandal of 2010 - 14, exists to do just this. To protect you against Financial Crime by preventing, identifying and mitigating your potential risks, while providing you with the infrastructure to help you combat financial crime.

Crime Costs And You Pay

"If being able to safeguard and protect both your hard-won personal reputation and that of your company makes sense. If being able to sleep through the night is attractive – then we should be talking."Tyrone Griffiths - Founder & CEO

The Virtuous Circle Model

Five simple steps to ensure your business is protected from Financial Crime

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International Compliance Association Testimonial

"He'll come in... show people where the problems are and say 'this is what you need to do'."

Dr. David Handy-Jenkins, the International Compliance Association Director of Quality Assurance Accreditation and Audit explains how FinCrime Protection solves problems

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5 simple steps to ensure your business is protected from financial crime.

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International Compliance Association
Accredited CPD
Information Commissioner's Office

Tyrone Griffiths is a Fellow and Ambassador of the International Compliance Association

Having worked closely with Tyrone I was impressed by both the depth of his knowledge of financial crime and his ability to work with all parts of an organisation. He has rare balance of technical knowledge and pragmatism.

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Group Head of Financial Crime Compliance at Brooks Macdonald Group

During the time Tyrone served as my Global Head of Sanctions, I always considered him to be the "go-to" person whenever I needed guidance on tricky issues.

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General Counsel - International at BTG Pactual

Tyrone is extremely knowledgeable in his industry and that is why I invited him to speak at the 2019 ICA 11th Annual Conference where his practical common-sense approach in relation to AML/ Financial Crime was well received.

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Prof. David Jackman

Author of The Compliance Revolution Formerly Head of T&C and Ethics at FSA, now chair of various financial services companies

I highly recommend FinCrime Protection Ltd. Tyrone went above and beyond to help me. The AML / Financial Crime material and training he provided me were thorough and clear. Thank you so much FinCrime Protection!

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Sonia Bagga

AATQB Bookkeeper