Tyrone Griffiths is the Senior Consultant and Managing Director of FinCrime Protection Limited.

He holds the following qualifications:

  • MSc Law and Financial Crime (currently studying)
  • Professional Postgraduate Diploma in Financial Crime Compliance - Prof.PgDip(FCC)
  • BSc Hons in Management and Compliance - The University of Manchester
  • ICA Diploma in Anti-Money Laundering - Dip(AML)
  • ICA Diploma Financial Crime Prevention – Dip(FinCrime)
  • ICA Diploma in Compliance – Dip(Comp)
  • FICA - Fellow of the International Compliance Association
  • Certified Professional - International Compliance Association

Tyrone has held senior positions for over 25 years in the financial sector, predominantly in the Anti-Money Laundering & Regulatory Compliance space. He has held the MLRO, Compliance Oversight Officer and a Nominated Officer positions – registration with the Financial Conduct Authority, the US National Futures Authority and the National Crimes Agency (formerly SOCA).

Tyrone has been involved in many AML / Financial Crime regulatory reviews and a high profile financial criminal case. His in-depth knowledge and practical experience of implementing AML/CTF and Financial Crime Risk Assessments, Policies & Procedures, Controls, Training and Reporting programmes has proven invaluable to firms.

There has never been a more critical time when regulators and law enforcement agencies demand that regulated firms can evidence that they are meeting their legal and regulatory obligations, tackling financial crime.

About Us

How safe is your company against the threat of money laundering and financial crime? Do you have an up-to-date business-wide risk assessment, policies & procedures, controls, reporting and training records in place?  If you do not know or you cannot evidence, then you are at risk of regulatory intervention.

With official reports pegging the United Kingdom’s corpus of laundered money at £100 billion in 2018, there are more reasons than just self-interest alone to implement a robust Anti-Money Laundering / Financial Crime programme. There are legal and regulatory obligations.

FinCrime Protection Limited has dedicated resources who are professionally qualified and has years of industry experience in ensuring that firms meet their legal and regulatory obligations.

Our MLROs have worked with some of the largest financial institutions, at a national and global level, and are up-to-date with the latest regulations, guidance and practices in the field of AML/CTF and Financial Crime.

The areas in which we offer our expertise covers the entire range of corporate responsibility in AML and Financial Crime.

We will bring your senior management and staff up to speed with all the relevant legislation, regulation and guidance, whether you conduct business only in the UK, UK & Europe or Globally.

We aim to ensure that your business-wide risk assessment, policies & procedures, controls, training and reporting are tailored to your business and at the heart of your compliance culture.

Client Profile

We offer services to the following regulated sectors:

  • Accountants and accounting firms
  • Tax advisory firms
  • Auditors
  • Independent Financial Advisors
  • Estate Agents and Sub-Letting Agents
  • Letting Agents
  • Construction industry
  • Financial institutions
  • Gambling service providers
  • High-value dealers
  • Motor Industry
  • Start-up companies
  • Crypto Asset Exchange Provider
  • Custodian Wallet Provider
  • Auctioneers
  • Art Dealers
  • Landlords

Whatever regulated sector you operate in, if you choose us, FinCrime Protection Limited will provide a professional service to ensure you meet your regulatory requirements.

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International Compliance Association
Accredited CPD
Information Commissioner's Office

Tyrone Griffiths is a Fellow and Ambassador of the International Compliance Association

Having worked closely with Tyrone I was impressed by both the depth of his knowledge of financial crime and his ability to work with all parts of an organisation. He has rare balance of technical knowledge and pragmatism.

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Group Head of Financial Crime Compliance at Brooks Macdonald Group

During the time Tyrone served as my Global Head of Sanctions, I always considered him to be the "go-to" person whenever I needed guidance on tricky issues.

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General Counsel - International at BTG Pactual

I highly recommend FinCrime Protection Ltd. Tyrone went above and beyond to help me. The AML / Financial Crime material and training he provided me were thorough and clear. Thank you so much FinCrime Protection!

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Sonia Bagga

AATQB Bookkeeper

We have worked with Tyrone on a number of our AML/ Financial Crime projects over the last few years and he is a practical, knowledgeable colleague with a strong customer focus who we enjoy working with.

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Sandra Quinn

Executive Director - The Compliance Foundation

I highly recommend FinCrime Protection Ltd. Tyrone went above and beyond to help me. The AML / Financial Crime material and training he provided me were thorough and clear. Thank you so much FinCrime Protection!

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Sonia Bagga

AATQB Bookkeeper